Legal Guidance

Legal matters that reach litigation can be complex, emotional and stressful.  Our experienced legal advisers regularly assist businesses and individuals in dispute resolution across a wide range of disciplines.

You need a litigator with the skill and knowledge to fight for your best interests and accurately present the facts of your case.

You can rely on our civil litigation services to keep your bases covered from start to finish. Our attorneys have an extensive range of experience handling a wide variety of litigation cases.

From gathering evidence and conducting depositions, to presenting motions and arguing your case – we will be thoroughly prepared. Shaby & Associates will vigorously represent you in your litigation case to seek the best possible outcome for you.

We have extensive courtroom experience and have established a reputation as a trustworthy civil litigation firm for several years.

We Pursue

Positive Outcomes

We deal with litigation in State and Federal Courts regarding cases involving:

  • Business to Business Disputes
  • Breach of Contract – Fraud
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Property Line disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Insurance Code Violations
  • Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders
  • etc.

Our dedication is a major ingredient in our habit of success. When you’re ready to enter the courtroom, or at the negotiating table, you need a lawyer who can win the case or make the deal in the moment.

At Shaby & Associates we have been successful in obtaining advantageous resolutions for our clients.